How to Remove the Wine Stains from Persian Carpets?

A new Persian rug fitting exceptionally well into the home can get knocked over with the glass of red wine. This act can cause a great harm to your pride and joy. When panic sets in, leaving you clueless, you can resort to the various cleaning techniques to restore the original look of your Persian Carpets. You can hire the group of professionals to carry out the cleaning task. It is not advisable to clean the carpet at home. Nevertheless, the initial cleaning just after the spill can have dramatic impact on the overall look of the carpet after cleaning.

Designer Rugs MelbourneYour first response must be to clean the stain of red wine as much as possible. Red wine stain can be permanent if you leave it unattended. You need to blot as much of the wine stain out with the help of paper towel or white towel at the initial stage. Never rub the stain over the carpet with the towel. This will make the stain more rigid and may even damage the fabric of the Persian carpet. You can use the white wine for diluting the red wine stain over the Persian carpet. The red dye may be removed to a great extent with flushing of the spill.


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